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mermaidxmaiden said: The thing is, everyone knows it isn’t all white ppl or black ppl or whatev. But saying this is kinda like guys saying not all men are sexist. Of course the aren’t. Not all white ppl oppress, but most black ppl are oppressed. That’s what it is.

I’m sorry, but I think the whole men are sexist thing is a bad argument. Exactly, not all men are sexist. Which is why we shouldn’t say things that claim they are. Especially since a whole lot of men are victim of sexism too. 

But that’s a discussion for an other time. 

I know my fair share of black people, most of them are teenage girls. I’m sorry, but those teenage girls aren’t really that ‘oppressed’. They are normal citizens like you and I. Yes, they have to deal with certain comments every once in a while, but just as much as other teenage girls (and people in general) albeit it for different reasons. 

One thing I don’t understand about racism and anti-racism is these two terms.

Black people and white people.

Creating stereotypes that are supposed to fit millions of people only because of their skin colour. As if the colour of your skin has an influence on your behaviour and your personality. As far as I know, there’s no significant difference between the behaviour of blondes and brunettes, so why would this be the case with black people and white people?

Isn’t that kind of racist?

I’m not here to complain about the white girls jokes, because then you’d go all ape shit about reverse racism and it not being real and whatnot.

But isn’t it better not to make a big deal out of skin colours? (Except for countries less evolved than ours where there’s still a very long way to go.)

If you befriend a girl, who just happens to be black, you shouldn’t go all See? I’m not a racist. I treat her as an equal. It should be something like Oh my god! She likes Supernatural too? I wonder what she was thinking when Sam got killed that one time in…

I personally think that by pointing it out, you make it worse. It shouldn’t matter at all.

No one should feel uncomfortable about their skin colour, regardless if they’re European, African, American, Asian, or whatnot. It shouldn’t be a thing you notice anymore.

Nor should you be held responsible for behaviour of someone who just happens to have the same skin colour as you. I have no relation whatsoever to people who oppress people with another skin colour and am not racist at all, yet I get accused of things daily (white people do this, white people do that).

Yes, certain (/ a lot of) white people are still racist and commit crimes.

Am I responsible for that? No.

Yes, certain black people commit crimes.

Are other black people responsible for that? No.

Now, another thing. If you dislike me by now, you’ll most likely hate me by the end of this post.

I live in Belgium, a teeny tiny country that got destroyed by the German Army during both the first and the second world war (we were the ‘easy’ way to France). Many people have died right on the ground underneath the bed I’m sitting on now. They were slaughtered in an inhuman way, sent out as flesh for artillery because some fancy sir in a fancy chair somewhere far away decided that.

I have never, ever, felt an ounce of the suffering those soldiers did. I think it is rude to claim that I did. I was not there, I was not involved and am as little involved with it as you, a person who might be on the other side of the world, are.

And you, innocent German who just happens to be scrolling down their Tumblr dash. I don’t hold you responsible for anything. You had nothing to do with it.

So why should I, as a fifteen year old white girl, owe a black person something, because of something that happened before any of us were born?

NOTE: As I’ve noticed that not many people seem to share my opinion, I understand that I might be wrong. Please do accept the challenge to convince me of your beliefs, with arguments rather than insults.